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Dear Femslashex Author/Artist!

Hi! I’m Eve, and most of all I’d just like to thank you for creating something for me; I hope very much that you have fun with it, because I’m sure I’ll love whatever it is you choose to do!

If you’ve already got an idea of what you want to write/draw, or something strikes you along the way, please disregard this entirely and do that instead! I think the best stories are the ones you want to write and have a blast and a half putting to words, so, please: do what makes you happy, because I’ll be thrilled with it. But if you’re looking for suggestions or potential prompts, I’ve got some for you.

General likes: Introspection, ANGST, fluff tempered with angst, slow burns, quiet melancholy. Women helping each other navigate their environments, friends turned lovers, character exploration. Humor! People finding something to hold on to and hope for in the darkest places! Women being protective and having each other’s backs through thick and thin! Huuuuuge awkward crushes where one party is not nearly as oblivious as the other thinks! Even bigger awkward crushes where both parties are totally oblivious until something sparks and brings their awkward parts together!

General dislikes/dealbreakers: Rape/non-con, manipulation. Should you choose to write sex, I’d really prefer not to see heavy kink (i.e., BDSM, dom/sub overtones or undertones, etc.).

Code Name Verity:

Julie Beaufort-Stuart/Maddie Brodatt

Oh, these two break my heart; I would dearly love to see them becoming more than friends without quite realizing it at first until one day it just smacks them: Hey, wow, I’m in love with my best friend, honest-to-goodness, I-want-to-be-naked-with-you, I-want-to-get-old-and-grey-and-arthritic-with-you love, and they go from there. Exploring their sexuality? Nail-biting whenever one of them is away? Airborne confessions of love and/or last-minute kisses before the jump? Any of that would be brilliant.

Dragon Age:

Erlina/Anora Mac Tir

The queen and her handmaid! Anora, the competent, level-headed pragmatist turning into a puddle of weak-kneed jelly around Erlina? Erlina finding it adorable? Erlina helping Anora dress for an important political summit (or undress afterwards, hey), and Anora asking if she may return the favor? Both of them having each other to rely on and love when they need it the most? Yes to any and all.

Ser Cauthrien/Anora Mac Tir

It might be fun to see Ser Cauthrien accompanying Anora on a trip to Orlais or someplace, featuring a growing friendship that quickly turns to a growing attraction, probably with Ser Cauthrien stopping to pick wildflowers for her flustered queen at some point. Does she help Anora cope with the things her father has done? Is it easy for Anora, worrying whenever Ser Cauthrien is away fighting things that need fighting? Do the intense, romantic reunions have to wait until they’re alone in their own rooms, or does Anora just grab her by the plate armor and kiss her in front of every noble in Denerim?


I never get to see these two, so basically I am 300% ready for anything at all you write or draw. Exploring Vigil’s Keep together! Bonding over being a casteless dwarf and an ex-First! Velanna finding Sigrun’s cheery, sunny nature equal parts endearing and irritating! Sigrun pulling Velanna down for kisses in the middle of the market in Amaranthine!

Female Hawke/Isabela

Part of what I love about Isabela is the richness of her character; she’s so complex, and so conflicted at times about her relationship with Hawke, that there’s a lot of room for exploration there. Maybe Isabela really does have to go away for a while before she can figure things out for herself; when she comes back, maybe they don’t pick up exactly where they left off. Maybe they take it slower, work through things, maybe Hawke starts cooking ill-advised romantic dinners, maybe they fall in love all over again because, hey, if they’re stuck with each other, they might as well do it twice. (I am also fine with any female Hawke you write; my only request is that they not be cruel, aggressive, or sarcastic to the point of callousness. I would also greatly prefer a friendmance for this.)

Harry Potter:

Fleur Delacour/Nymphadora Tonks

I love these two so much, and I can definitely see them being drawn to each other, two women close in age in the middle of a war as they are, and there’s no way Fleur wouldn’t fall in love with that pink hair. I would love to see something set around or directly after OotP, maybe with Fleur and Tonks on an Order mission together? Tonks starts crushing hard, Fleur knows exactly what’s up, they’re getting closer and closer all the time, lots of deliberate, lingering touches in hotel rooms and at Order meetings ensue until it finally resolves itself with a whole lot of smooching.

Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley

Friends falling in love! I’ve always loved how protective Ginny can be of Luna, and I’d like to see them supporting each other and generally being excellent things in each other’s lives at Hogwarts or even after. Does Luna defy tradition by wearing Gryffindor red to a Quidditch match? Do they end up stuffed in a broom closet hiding from Filch during a romantic midnight misadventure? Does Luna just haul back and kiss Ginny one day, bringing on a spot of confusion that doesn’t clear up until Ginny does it again? I’d absolutely love any of this.

Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil

It would be great to see the progression of their relationship from best friends to lovers and all the things that come with falling in love with your best friend: the inside jokes, the easy comfort, the feeling that it’s just the natural evolution of their relationship. A fun idea might be reading palms or tea leaves, and one of them uncovering that the other is in love with someone, and setting out to discover just who.

Mass Effect:

EDI/Samantha Traynor

It always bothered me that you never get to hear EDI talk about how much she likes the body she’s found, if indeed she does; most of what you hear about it comes from some pretty gross comments from male crew members. Maybe she has a frank discussion about it with Samantha, about how people don’t see her as a person, but a thing, an AI who can be talked about and objectified as if she’s not even present, and from there, they start having routine talks and games of chess during their downtime every day. I’d like to see Samantha helping EDI navigate the strange and sometimes unfortunate world of organics, both of them crushing and not knowing what to do about it (perhaps this is where Shepard, or Tali or Liara or Ashley, come in), Citadel dates they both freak out about because oh-my-God-is-this-a-date-or-isn’t-it-what-do-I-even-wear. Before they leave for Earth, maybe EDI surprises Sam with a ring and an Amazon wedding registry, 2186-style, complete with matching 6,000-credit toothbrushes.

Jack/Miranda Lawson

One of my favorite things about both of these two is how much they grow from ME2 to ME3, and I’d love to see them do some of that together. Maybe it goes from civil greetings in the CIC to the occasional drink to learning that they make a fantastic team and start strategizing in Miranda’s room for the next wave of mercenaries Shepard puts them up against, which leads to more personal discussions, which leads to a closeness and a trust neither one of them has ever really had with anyone else, which leads to very much falling in love. Alternatively, I think it’d be really interesting to focus on the chaos of the war in ME3 given that their roles are reversed, in a way: Miranda on the run, Jack more in a position of authority. I’d especially like to see them supporting and leaning on each other whenever they can, feeling relieved every time the call goes through and they hear each other’s voices, even if they don’t say so.

Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard

I was so, so sad that Miranda wasn’t an option for femShep! I spent a good portion of my first playthrough wondering where my romantic dialogue options were. :( I would be thrilled with absolutely anything from The Romance That Wasn’t, from awkward flirting to awkward dates that are so bad they’re good. (I am also fine with any female Shepard you choose! My only request is that they not be cruel or aggressive.)

Go wild! Have fun with it. I can't wait to read what you do!

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